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Jonathan M Bernard - The Formula To Abundance (Free eBook Download)


How to create and understand your formula to grow abundance



Creating A Formula

Relative Differences

Your Ideas


Your Plan



Organic Process

Natural Alignments

Creative Abilities


"With all of the differences in this world, it may seem impossible to find something for you, however that is not the secret to creativity. If you see your self as different and unique by exercising your creativity to make something completely different that defines you then you do not have to worry about the abundance of difference and you can focus on the abundance of your own needs to obtain them. The source to creativity is originality, and to know your own uniqueness and difference you can tap into your own abundance of style and originality. With this realization you can live free with an open mind to your own creative life. Finding differences could become fuel to challenge your thinking into focusing on your originality and to grow your skills in mastering your own craft. Having this unique perspective can open doors to creating new experiences and opportunities."


Jonathan M Bernard - The Formula To Abundance (Free eBook Download)

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