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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy:


All Users who are under the age of 18 should have permission to use this website from their parents or legal guardian. All Users agree that they are 18+ years and older.


The personal information collected on this website by the User will not be used or shared with any third parties or businesses, your privacy is respected and your information will not be shared.


The collected information this website uses will only be used for its intended purpose given by the User or Individual. All information the User provides is public information to communicate with others for the intended purpose of this website with other Users. Personal and billing information is not shared nor is recommended to share with others. Please do not share any information you are not comfortable with others knowing when sharing public information.


The User can opt out of his / her account by deleting their account if they want to. If you have any questions regarding making changes to your account, please edit them yourself if not please feel free to reach out using the Contact page.

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