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The Art of a Star 


You might notice, a glow of glory radiant from my soul,

The quality of my reflection remains bright

The astronomy surrounding me, they want to take part

This is the art of star,

A nimbus, usually in the form of a disc, circling,

The orbit, the tradition, halo sacred,

Personage at first glimpse

Surrounded exhibits

Prisms of ultimate, luminous body like polaris,

Soul-born-child characteristics


Destiny is fortunate, dense with creations ornaments,

Awarded with an art of excellence,

And remains prominent

Elongated asterism,

Original and kept, for creating crescents, on the minds of angelics,

After no one is the precedent,

Heaven sent, and has yet to be unformative


Is challenged to be less, but will never surrender to the test

Known by millions, but have not met

The vibrations of the cosmic measurements form a tet


Loved and cherished the benevolence

You can feel it inside you chest

The greatest degree acceptable to the degree obtained in mastery

Known as optimum conditioning

Ideal for a game

Perfection is the name

A luminary attained eminence to the field of inspiring

Ordinary prominent

To their desire and chemistry

Its light inevitable of expiring

Stays optimistic in times of aspiring

Stays collected like archives

Connected to its prime at high velocities

Knows itself best,

And its treasures and depth

Sharing its own wealth with friends till the end

Stays pleasant, otherwise is seized, and left unattended

But that’s nature course on earth

But this star doesn’t live on this world

This star was born with charm and warmth

Somewhere, in the middle of the universe

Centered by Jonathan M. Bernard


I have the ability to see and do anything I imagine

Myself in situations, free from an overtake, I create new levels made

Engage a wonderful place, mind states; I’m there in my own way

Knowing any center opens ways toward more things prosper


Allowing myself to test instincts and go farther

I’m not a martyr; I don’t go against anything without a purpose to shatter

I like to build, sometimes in the mixture, of fame, from strangers, Mis.’s and Mr.’s

You can’t sell out the light in this fixture

Uplift the picture

Center is the nucleus of chambered-self taught-behavior

I hold my own

And give power to those, who fight the good fight,

Making it peaceful in the mind to sleep at night

I’ve noticed

I don’t expect much, because it ruins the fun

There is so much more in the instrument of a touch

Sensational to the soul’s creation of life experiment

To experience love

For all its polarity,

Clarity; see, the depth between the physical,

And the inner being.



We got to come with love that we can build with

It can be made up from anything

And from this complex we can form a bond to combine 

Outside belittlement is extremely bitter 

So here’s how I figure 

It can only make you bigger

In principle

It definitely catches attention

People want guidance

I think people just need to find themselves inside

Confusion derives off selected leaders

No one wants to be governed

But order comforts

We can build with love

And we can learn from each other

Everyone has got something

In different approaches

In different ways

That is what I’m stating

To embrace that connection into comprehension

To express and exchange

With respect and grace

All to enjoy the day



I try to accept that in which I wish to change

Create that in which I exist

And decide with the collective where my experience should arise

This is life based off soul, body, and mind

Lost over time



Bring together as one

When pressures get hard

You must reunite with the unconditional love 

We stand in awe and become elevated in our chakra


To give love to another

Accepting it back

By individual karma

Every action has a reaction

That is a natural law

Follow your heart

All goodness will come

That you will attract

And it will be drawn back

Because that is the process

What goes always returns back

I keep sensitive to negative representatives

I don’t repeat back

I don’t want to be that

So for me to feel free from 

I must disagree and not believe them

To see what’s really me

Everything evolves

There is beauty within the process

Solving problems

Making progress

I have inspired

I have drawn

Life is a reincarnation that goes on



I don’t rush

Because that consequence sucks

I keep a steady pace to face what comes


You can see me

Believe me, not everything comes easy

You got to put in work to live freely

That’s therapy healing

Dealing with stress and demons

Testing your agreements and leisure keepings

Expanding your beliefs

Life gets crazy

So I am reminding you to take it easy

People can get real needy

And hunger never really reaches a limit

So feeding seems like its well worth to diet

Just to find some peaceful silence

In life you get a lot of riots, a lot of trying, and a lot of crying

Be easy on yourself, don’t rush into denial

Acceptance of now

No more lies covering up on how



How I feel

Can’t be in a better place

Smiles on faces

Enjoyment of this day

I have my space, it’s great

Walls are broken to motivate

Here is how I feel

I’m in the right time in the right place

For my lifetime and my mind state

My love for life is here to stay

Looking to cope in the worse I have endured

Now uplifted

I provide hope for those that struggle to show

What the really know on how to let anger go

And live sincere


And everyday I seek the light within my spirit

For guidance to fulfill my dignity


It’s within me to express that divinity

Love each other

Come together as one

It’s a celebration we are making

Having ourselves some fun

And I wouldn’t miss it for the world

For I am present in this moment

I’m creating ways

For solid embracement people take interest in

To live in the moment


Plan Be 


Pretty much, I got my work thought out

Still my zone gets taken

Only by a frame

I can easily break it

And go to a state I can always depend on

I grin

Importance sticks

I don’t forget

Be you

In all spectrums

Three dimensional

Game for some day making


It’s none of my business

You get back how you treat

Time to think

Find that realization you need

Some things you have to accept to perceive

Even when it’s hard to believe

Plan Be

The Cure 


Desire for higher

Undergoing the lower

Satisfaction of actually knowing your soul

It’s about growth

New from old

In a condition that unfolds the experience you hold

Moment is gold

Even in this world that’s cold

Completely different than being told

What to think

Or what to believe

Love is the cure for all things

It relieves need

It brings you peace

It heals the mind and sets it free

I see love as not just one thing

But it’s different in all dimensions and feelings


Originated back to creation

It’s a language usually unmistaken

When rage, hate, jealousy, and manipulation overtakes

Love can save you in a state of meditation

It’s sacred

It can feel lighthearted 

Or it can also feel insanely crazy

All devoted to creating a life in the making

Love, come and get you some

Travel this earth with it in you

The cure

For all that is worth

With death comes birth

It’s not just a word

It’s a cure



It’s every now and then

It comes across your life path

Interrupting whatever bad in your way

Giving break

Plain feeling

People want me to be this or that

At their expense

To drift along

Without a conscious known act

Meanings of peace

Everyone has gone mad at one point in there life

It’s sad to see it

Simplicity in difference

Brilliance in how you believe in

The things that free us

It’s such a complex world

Social structure for order

Needing nurture

It’s right around the corner

Your views become firmer

Growing further in being a learner

Working on getting the things you deserve

Doing with what you have for the time being

Looking for some simple love

Feel it from the inside

Stay bright like a sun

The soul tells a story

It’s simplicity in the complete eulogy of infinity

I hope it comes your way



I have a panther as a pet cat

He sleeps a lot, eats a lot, has bad breath

He's a real sly dude

He loves to pamper, get into things, chill, mark territory and go on adventures

If you move too quick he'll strike you

He'll think with you,

Sensing stress and other things

He's got so much energy in him from sleeping all the time

He runs around the house like a wild hog

He's the healthiest cat alive

I've never seen a person or animal in better shape or condition

His belly hangs looking like he's sagging his pants

In his own zone when he looks at you with suspicion

Just laugh because who knows what kind of cat crack he's on

Always down for the ride

Get him high he'll sway from side to side

This cat can never die! 


Rest in Peace Magic 8/1997-8/2013



I like how we come together

Gets nothing but better

I feel like doing this forever

Let’s engage

Let’s play

Let’s connect with our energy

Let’s bond with our chemistry

And just let things be

Take favor with nature

Warmth with trust in your neighbor

The love I savor

I don’t play games of hate

They drive me insane

I have what it takes

To create an escape

I’m not going to lie

I feel blue sometimes

Sometimes the way I get treated by life

Makes me want to give up and let the world pass by

It’s important for me to unwind

So I can continue to fly

Making natural highs 

Using the creativity of my mind

Having a nice time

Doing good things in life

And with you by my side

Everything will be fine

Rest assured

To be alright and love life

For all the good times we can enjoy its worth

It’s what we deserve

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