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About Jon Be Infinit Beats


The artist recognized as Jon Be Infinit Beats (An INFJ, Sigma and Empath) is an impressive writer, actor, artist, musician, entrepreneur, designer, inventor, comedian, vegetarian chef, photographer, creative consultant, spiritual guide and philanthropist. Born in Dallas, Texas (Virgo) being of Cajun, Welsh, Swedish, Scottish, and Irish (Celtic) ethnicities. Moved across the north, south, and east coast, and now is currently residing and developing his current sophisticated projects under his own imprint Depth Records (Infinit Creations) in Penfield, NY.


Jon Be, whose real name is Jonathan Michael Bernard, began writing books at the age of 7. Initially by 18, Jon's writings were in the form of poetic journals that were based on his daily experiences. At the age of 20, he began to endulge himself into writing lyrics and producing his own songs.


Jon Be is mostly known for his soulful and intellectual conscious style with articulate lyrics. Being self taught helped him develop his original and creative style. 


His production style also varies across realms and genres from ethnic to jazz, to rhythmic fusion, to ambient and spiritual mellow vibes, to metal, rock and cajun blues, and even to classical piano. His lyrics are either written or freestyles, which are all the way from street, hard core rugged life, humorous to spirituality, or are about his everyday struggles all of which are stories, expressions, reflections, and/or soul inspired songs / raps based entirely from thoughts and/or real experiences.

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