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Life Coaching by Jonathan M Bernard

I am an Official Certified Life Coach through The Life Coach Training Institute









These are the Goals and Results that you will obtain through my Life Coaching

Together we will find a Goal, Create Solutions, Explore Options & Obstacles, Make a Decision and then Take Action to achieve Specific Results!

Self Independence - Develop Self Independence to be in control of yourself and your life 

Lifestyle Organization - Organize your schedule, interests and habits to simplify your lifestyle

Spiritual Guidance - Discover your purpose and find meaning in what you are meant to be or do in your life

Talent Development - Discover your True Talents and ways to apply them in real life

Check out my "Micro Millionaire Lifestyle" Podcasts and Content on my YouTube Channel to help you Live a High Quality Lifestyle! Thanks for Liking, Sharing and Subscribing!



Check out my Free Life Coaching Transformational Courses where I guide you to get specific results!



Also, Check out my Free Educational and Inspirational eBooks that can help you with your Goals!

Disclaimer: I am not a Licensed Therapist / Counselor / Mentor / Consultant or Doctor to diagnose or tell you what to do or to heal any trauma, illness or condition, I am a Guide to motivate you to find your own solutions and goals to help you transform and grow to get to where you want to be in life by listening and co-creating in our relationship. I do not give Legal, Financial or Medical advice. If you need counseling, therapy or consultation for personal issues please seek professional help, Thank you!


I also do not guarantee results, however I will stay committed to helping you reach your goal as long as you are willing to work for your results with the help of my coaching.

I Charge $375 Weekly For:

VIP Focused Client
1 Session (1 Hour Maximum)
Anytime Emails (9am-9pm)
Weekly Progress Check In (15 Minute Call)
Free eBooks, Educational Content, Free Transformational Courses & Networking Resources

Please fill out the form to book a Free Consultation! I look forward to working with you!

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