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Jonathan M Bernard - Passing Primitive (Free eBook Download)


How to grow passed primitive living


Manipulation to Consciousness

Fear to Understanding
Lies to Realism
Death to Life
Selfish to Care
Denial to Acceptance
Greed to Substance
Jealousy to Respect
Hate to Communication

Violence to Help
Envious to Playful
Negativity to Love
Destruction to Positivity

Ignorance to Creativity

Imitation to Identity
Control to Imagination

Obsession to Experience


"People use fear as a way to teach others of something they should look out for as a matter of life and death, even if it isn't a matter of life or death. Fear is a tool of retraction, fear is useless if you aren't afraid. Fear is not a good tool for teaching, any teacher using fear should know that fear is a way to stop growth. It is not a seed to teach life, it is a seed to retract and not grow. Fear makes your decisions retractions instead of progressions. If people actually understand things instead of forcing fears into people's minds, they could be more positive and knowledgeable about what something actually is rather than being afraid of it. Fear makes you retract, understanding helps you live with thingsprogress and grow."


Jonathan M Bernard - Passing Primitive (Free eBook Download)

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