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Royalty Free Instrumentals by Infinit Beats

Disclaimer: Music Player Might Not Work On Mobile Site! You can go to my Beatstars page instead, Thank you!

Hip Hop, Rap, Experimental, Conscious, Electronic, Jazz, Pop, Blues, Alternative Rock, Metal, Hardcore, R&B, Soul, World, French, Spanish, Fusion And Instrumental

Although these Beats are Royalty Free you do not own the Copyright, you must give credit to the creator Infinit Beats (Jonathan M Bernard).

I would appreciate it if you Donate 1% of your earnings if you make Royalties, Thank you and enjoy!

If you would like to help support me and my work you can contribute Monthly with a Supporter Membership. I also accept Gifts, Favors, Donations and Tips! You can click on the link below to make a Donation or Tip Contribution or you can contact me in the Chat Widget or Email if you wish, Thank you for your generosity and support, I truly appreciate you!

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Post a link to the songs you make with these beats! I'm tryin to find some future feature Artists!

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