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Jonathan M Bernard - Servival (Free eBook Download)


A book on Serving and Relationships


Beauty and Attraction
Being Close or Distant
Belief and Commitment
Boredom and Loneliness
Freedom and Limitations
Having Your Way Verses Another’s Way

How to Survive People
Losing and Winning
Love Sex and Relationships
People and Importance
Reality and Fantasy
Social Life
Society and Living


"Every individual needs their own space, even in relationships. Being close or distant gives a relationship work for both parties. If you manage each other’s space well then you know how it works dealing with another’s personal life. Sometimes when you are close, you don’t know how to act when you are alone. Or everything you do affects your partner and you need some distance so it doesn’t affect them so severely. It’s ok for people to have some distance just as it is ok to be close."



Jonathan M Bernard - Servival (Free eBook Download)

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