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Live The Micro Millionaire Lifestyle!

“Live Like A Millionaire Without Spending Millions”

Check Out My Product Recommendations That Will Improve Your Comfort And Quality Of Life While Saving You Money.

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Health & Well Being

Your Health and Well Being is important for you to stay focused, positive and healthy because your health is your wealth! You can't enjoy being rich if you aren't Spiritually rich and have the health to enjoy your abundant lifestyle. Below are some Health & Well Being product recommendations to keep you Happy and Healthy!

Crystals (Beads / Stones / Lamps) $8-$30

salt lamp.jpeg
quartz lamp.jpeg

Carry Crystal Beads with you in your pocket to attract abundance, love, money, protection, grounding, passion, positive energy, spiritual growth and many other mystical powers. You can get them in Stones, Beads or even Lamps on Amazon, Ebay or at your local Spirit Store.  Below is a link to learn about the powers of different Crystals and which one is best for you!

Personal Spa

portable steam sauna.jpeg

Portable Steam Sauna $170 (Amazon)

infrared sauna.jpeg

2 Person Infrared Sauna
$1,800 (Home Depot / Bed Bath & Beyond / Amazon)

full body massage chair.jpeg

Full Body Massage Chair (Shiatsu)
$600 (Amazon / Walmart)

Having a Personal Spa is essential to maintaining your comfort and physical homeostasis. When you work hard you have to take care of your stresses and pains. You can get a Portable Steam Sauna, an Infrared Sauna or a Full Body Massage Chair for a reasonable price considering the amount of Therapy appointments you can save money on for the rest of your life. These assets can be placed in a spare room to make your Personal Relaxation Spa or in any extra space in your bedroom. Place with Crystals and all of the other Health & Well Being recommendations in The Micro Millionaire list and they will compliment your relaxation experiences.

You can order these on Amazon, Ebay or over the Internet

Vitamins, Spices, Powders, Oils & Herbs

bilva leaves.jpeg

Bilva leaves absorb negativity and release a cool energy. These can be helpful to put in your bedroom or living room where you sleep, relax or where people gather to keep the vibe positive. You can get Bilva leaves in a 250gm package on Amazon, Ebay or over the internet for around $9

smudge stick.jpeg

Smudge Stick (Sage Incense) is known to clear evil spirits and negative energy in the room or wherever you burn it. Not only does it cleanse the room from stress, it reenergizes and helps you recharge along with creating a wonderful aroma. Some Smudge Incense that I recommend getting is White Sage or Sweet Grass. You can get a package of 3 Smudge Sticks on Amazon or over the internet for about $6.

cacao powder.jpeg

Dark Cocoa Powder (100% Cacao) has a ton of health benefits but one thing it does is it makes you happy! Dark Chocolate releases the same hormones that falling in love does along with lowering blood pressure and having antioxidants. Be mindful to take with moderation though, too much of anything can go bad! You can take it with water or mix it in with your coffee. You can get Dark Chocolate Powder at your local grocery store. for around $6.

ginger powder.jpeg

Ginger Powder (or Ginger Root) has a lot of health benefits like helping you relax, lowers blood pressure, helps nausea, eases arthritis and many other things. You can eat Ginger Root by itself (in moderation) or with Ginger Powder. I take it in powder mixed with water and some Lemon Juice for a nice drink to help me relax. You can get Ginger Powder at the grocery store for around $5. Below is a link to the benefits of Ginger!

garlic cloves.jpeg

Garlic Cloves have a ton of health benefits like lowering cholesterol, lowering blood sugar, it boosts your immune system, reduces dementia risk, prolongs your life and improves athletic performance. Be mindful to take in moderation (1-2 cloves per day) to get the advantages of taking Garlic. You can get Garlic at the grocery store for around $0.45. Below is a link to the health benefits of taking Garlic.

olive oil.jpeg

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is an essential for a longer and more youthful life span. Some health benefits is that it contains large amounts of antioxidants, has anti-inflammatory properties, helps prevents strokes and heart attacks, helps control weight gain, improves your skin and helps reduce type 2 Diabetes. Take in moderation (2 tbsp twice a day) and you will be as good as gold! You can get Extra Virgin Olive Oil at your local grocery store for around $10 (500 ml). Below is a link to learn moree about the health benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  

turmeric powder.jpeg

Turmeric Powder has a bunch of health benefits like helping eye sight, reducing stress and anxiety, reverse cell aging, kidney health, helping muscle soreness and many other important things that we need in our life. It is known as a "superpower" because it has so many health benefits. Be mindful to mix turmeric powder with a fatty liquid like almond milk or coconut milk with some ground pepper (just a pinch to help with the absorption) and to take in moderation (once a day). You can get Turmeric Powder at your local grocery store for around $5. Below is a link to the health benefits of Turmeric Powder.

vitamin b12.jpeg

Vitamin B12 is a vitamin called cobalamin which our body does not produce. It is found in meats and fish so if you are a vegan or vegetarian, taking Vitamin B12 might be beneficial. It does a lot for your overall energy like blood cell formation and DNA synthesis, calms your nerves, and can help your mood and depression. You can get Vitamin B12 at your local pharmacy for around $10 (1,000 mg). Below is a link to the health benefits of Vitamin B12.  

vitamin d3.jpeg

Vitamin D3 is the vitamin calcium you get from the Sun, so if you live in an area where there is not a lot of sunshine, try taking some Vitamin D3. Some of its benefits are bone and teeth health, it helps fight disease, it regulates mood and depression and it might help support weight loss. You can get Vitamin D3 at your local pharmacy for around $12 (1,000UI). Below is a link to learn more about the benefits and deficiencies of Vitamin D3. 

melatonin 3 mg.jpeg

Melatonin is used to help you get to sleep faster and more sound. It helps you replenish your energy by giving you a good night sleep and can help regulate your mood. Some health benefits of melatonin is that it improves sleep, helps vision, and can help seasonal depression. Be mindful to take in moderation (3-6mg not every night). Since melatonin is a synthesized hormone that our pineal gland excretes for sleep, you don't want to imbalance that. It is really used for the nights that you have trouble sleeping. You can get Melatonin at your local pharmacy for around $5 (3mg 150 tablets). Below is a link to learn more about the health benefits, dosages and side effects of Melatonin. 

Purified Water Filters

reverse osmosis system.jpeg

Reverse Osmosis System
$170 (Amazon)

water distiller.jpeg

Water Distiller
$60 (Amazon / Walmart)

sink water filter.jpeg

Water Purifier for Sink
$30-$40 (Amazon / Walmart / Home Depot)

water filter for shower.jpeg

Water Purifier for Shower
$15-$20 Home Depot / Amazon / Walmart)

Having clean water is a life changer, it improves your energy, decalcification from fluoride, revitalizes you with healthy minerals and can even help treat dry skin and dandruff. If your house or apartment has high fluoride levels like mine, consider getting a Water Distiller or a Reverse Osmosis System to give you pure fluoride free water. A lot of chlorine is used in developed cities so taking a shower can damage your hair with the chlorine as well as drinking it in your tap water. Getting a Water Filter for your Shower or Kitchen Sink can have huge health benefits. You can get Water Filters on Amazon, Ebay, Home Depot, Lowes or over the Internet. Below is some more information on what fluoride water does to your body.

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