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Live The Micro Millionaire Lifestyle!

“Live Like A Millionaire Without Spending Millions Of Dollars!”


What is The Micro Millionaire Lifestyle?

"The Micro Millionaire Lifestyle" is a lifestyle created by Jonathan M Bernard (Jon Be Infinit Beats) based on "Living like a Millionaire without spending Millions of dollars!". This lifestyle is all about living a high quality, minimalist but abundant lifestyle without wasting resources, time or money and to have the energy and health to enjoy your wealth. Taking care of your health is the most important factor in feeling like a Millionaire because your Health is your Wealth. Also, having high quality assets for living a high quality lifestyle is also important. I will show you valuable knowledge, assets and products that will contribute to your overall well being, comfort and lifestyle.

Below are the Categories for my Product Recommendations that will help improve your Comfort and Quality of Life while saving you money!

The Micro Millionaire Lifestyle can work on any budget with at least $100-$3,000 Monthly in savings!


Health & Well Being

Home & Decor



Men's Fashion

Women's Fashion

Car Appliances

Classic Cars

Private Drivers & Personal Limousines

Micro Yachts

Private Micro Jets & Helicopters

RV & Camping

Travel & Destinations
Start Up Businesses & Assets

Established Businesses & Franchises

Certifications & Licenses
Recreation & Fun


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Health & Well Being

Your Health and Well Being is important for you to stay focused, positive and healthy because your health is your wealth! You can't enjoy being rich if you aren't Spiritually rich and have the health to enjoy your abundant lifestyle. Below are some Health & Well Being product recommendations to keep you Happy and Healthy!

Crystals (Beads / Stones / Lamps) $8-$30

salt lamp.jpeg
quartz lamp.jpeg

Carry Crystal Beads with you in your pocket to attract abundance, love, money, protection, grounding, passion, positive energy, spiritual growth and many other mystical powers. You can get them in Stones, Beads or even Lamps on Amazon, Ebay or at your local Spirit Store.  Below is a link to learn about the powers of different Crystals and which one is best for you!

Personal Spa

portable steam sauna.jpeg

Portable Steam Sauna $170 (Amazon)

infrared sauna.jpeg

2 Person Infrared Sauna
$1,800 (Home Depot / Bed Bath & Beyond / Amazon)

full body massage chair.jpeg

Full Body Massage Chair (Shiatsu)
$600 (Amazon / Walmart)

foam hot tub.jpeg

Foam Insulated Hot Tub (4-6 Person)
Around $630
(Amazon, eBay, Internet)

freestanding whirlpool jacuzzi bathtub.jpeg

Freestanding Whirlpool Bathtub Jacuzzi
Around $1,600-$2,000
(Amazon, Walmart, Home Depot, Internet)

Having a Personal Spa is essential to maintaining your comfort and physical homeostasis. When you work hard you have to take care of your stresses and pains. You can get a Portable Steam Sauna, an Infrared Sauna or a Full Body Massage Chair for a reasonable price considering the amount of Therapy appointments you can save money on for the rest of your life. A Foam Insulated Hot Tub stores more heat than an Inflatable Hot Tub, so you will save money with it. A Freestanding Whirlpool Bathtub Jacuzzi can be a great Asset to have if you do not want a Hot Tub with Chlorine or Chemicals. You can have fresh water and relax with some of your favorite soaps or mixtures. These assets can be placed in a spare room to make your Personal Relaxation Spa or in any extra space in your Bedroom, Garage, Porch or Patio (for the Foam Hot Tub). Place with Crystals and all of the other Health & Well Being recommendations in The Micro Millionaire list and they will compliment your relaxation experiences.

You can order these on Amazon, Ebay or over the Internet

Vitamins, Spices, Powders, Oils & Herbs

bilva leaves.jpeg

Bilva leaves absorb negativity and release a cool energy. These can be helpful to put in your bedroom or living room where you sleep, relax or where people gather to keep the vibe positive. You can get Bilva leaves in a 250gm package on Amazon, Ebay or over the internet for around $9

smudge stick.jpeg

Smudge Stick (Sage Incense) is known to clear evil spirits and negative energy in the room or wherever you burn it. Not only does it cleanse the room from stress, it reenergizes and helps you recharge along with creating a wonderful aroma. Some Smudge Incense that I recommend getting is White Sage or Sweet Grass. You can get a package of 3 Smudge Sticks on Amazon or over the internet for about $6.

cacao powder.jpeg

Dark Cocoa Powder (100% Cacao) has a ton of health benefits but one thing it does is it makes you happy! Dark Chocolate releases the same hormones that falling in love does along with lowering blood pressure and having antioxidants. Be mindful to take with moderation though, too much of anything can go bad! You can take it with water or mix it in with your coffee. You can get Dark Chocolate Powder at your local grocery store. for around $6.

ginger powder.jpeg

Ginger Powder (or Ginger Root) has a lot of health benefits like helping you relax, lowers blood pressure, helps nausea, eases arthritis and many other things. You can eat Ginger Root by itself (in moderation) or with Ginger Powder. I take it in powder mixed with water and some Lemon Juice for a nice drink to help me relax. You can get Ginger Powder at the grocery store for around $5. Below is a link to the benefits of Ginger!

garlic cloves.jpeg

Garlic Cloves have a ton of health benefits like lowering cholesterol, lowering blood sugar, it boosts your immune system, reduces dementia risk, prolongs your life and improves athletic performance. Be mindful to take in moderation (1-2 cloves per day) to get the advantages of taking Garlic. You can get Garlic at the grocery store for around $0.45. Below is a link to the health benefits of taking Garlic.

olive oil.jpeg

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is an essential for a longer and more youthful life span. Some health benefits is that it contains large amounts of antioxidants, has anti-inflammatory properties, helps prevents strokes and heart attacks, helps control weight gain, improves your skin and helps reduce type 2 Diabetes. Take in moderation (2 tbsp twice a day) and you will be as good as gold! You can get Extra Virgin Olive Oil at your local grocery store for around $10 (500 ml). Below is a link to learn moree about the health benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  

turmeric powder.jpeg

Turmeric Powder has a bunch of health benefits like helping eye sight, reducing stress and anxiety, reverse cell aging, kidney health, helping muscle soreness and many other important things that we need in our life. It is known as a "superpower" because it has so many health benefits. Be mindful to mix turmeric powder with a fatty liquid like almond milk or coconut milk with some ground pepper (just a pinch to help with the absorption) and to take in moderation (once a day). You can get Turmeric Powder at your local grocery store for around $5. Below is a link to the health benefits of Turmeric Powder.

vitamin b12.jpeg

Vitamin B12 is a vitamin called cobalamin which our body does not produce. It is found in meats and fish so if you are a vegan or vegetarian, taking Vitamin B12 might be beneficial. It does a lot for your overall energy like blood cell formation and DNA synthesis, calms your nerves, and can help your mood and depression. You can get Vitamin B12 at your local pharmacy for around $10 (1,000 mg). Below is a link to the health benefits of Vitamin B12.  

vitamin d3.jpeg

Vitamin D3 is the vitamin calcium you get from the Sun, so if you live in an area where there is not a lot of sunshine, try taking some Vitamin D3. Some of its benefits are bone and teeth health, it helps fight disease, it regulates mood and depression and it might help support weight loss. You can get Vitamin D3 at your local pharmacy for around $12 (1,000UI). Below is a link to learn more about the benefits and deficiencies of Vitamin D3. 

melatonin 3 mg.jpeg

Melatonin is used to help you get to sleep faster and more sound. It helps you replenish your energy by giving you a good night sleep and can help regulate your mood. Some health benefits of melatonin is that it improves sleep, helps vision, and can help seasonal depression. Be mindful to take in moderation (3-6mg not every night). Since melatonin is a synthesized hormone that our pineal gland excretes for sleep, you don't want to imbalance that. It is really used for the nights that you have trouble sleeping. You can get Melatonin at your local pharmacy for around $5 (3mg 150 tablets). Below is a link to learn more about the health benefits, dosages and side effects of Melatonin. 

cloves 2.jpeg

Cloves are another powerful spice, they help with controlling blood sugar, help build immunity, prevent cancer, stop inflammation and a bunch of other amazing benefits. They also have a spiritual power of attracting abundance and wealth. If you keep 3 cloves in your pocket or in your wallet you are more likely to attract money and prosperity. You can get Cloves at your local grocery store for around $10. Below is a link to learn about the benefits of Cloves.

Purified Water Filters

reverse osmosis system.jpeg

Reverse Osmosis System
$170 (Amazon)

water distiller.jpeg

Water Distiller
$60 (Amazon / Walmart)

sink water filter.jpeg

Water Purifier for Sink
$30-$40 (Amazon / Walmart / Home Depot)

water filter for shower.jpeg

Water Purifier for Shower
$15-$20 Home Depot / Amazon / Walmart)

Having clean water is a life changer, it improves your energy, decalcification from fluoride, revitalizes you with healthy minerals and can even help treat dry skin and dandruff. If your house or apartment has high fluoride levels like mine, consider getting a Water Distiller or a Reverse Osmosis System to give you pure fluoride free water. A lot of chlorine is used in developed cities so taking a shower can damage your hair with the chlorine as well as drinking it in your tap water. Getting a Water Filter for your Shower or Kitchen Sink can have huge health benefits. You can get Water Filters on Amazon, Ebay, Home Depot, Lowes or over the Internet. Below is some more information on what fluoride water does to your body.

Intermittent Fasting Diet

Food and Diet is a major factor in your Lifestyle, but did you know that fasting can help you regenerate and heal your body? Not only does it have major health benefits like fighting cancer, regenerating stem cells, controlling obesity, bringing mental clarity and much more benefits but it will also save you money too! Stick to a Intermittent Fasting Diet where you eat (Fruits, Vegetables, Proteins) for 8 hours of the day then fast for the other 16 hours at night. When you get into this habit and routine your body will adjust and your hunger will almost disappear (not completely) but you won't need to eat so much or indulge and spend a lot of money just to satisfy your hunger. Below is a link that explains the benefits of Fasting!


Home & Decor

Whether you live in an Apartment, Condo, House or RV there are plenty of ways to turn it into a Micro Mansion or Micro Penthouse. Your home needs to be your comfortable place to relax and regenerate. These featured products will add some style, ambience, convenience and simplicity to your lifestyle. Most of these products you can order from Amazon, eBay, Home Depot or over the Internet.

The Bedroom

lucid 4_ memory foam topper.jpeg

Lucid Memory Foam Topper
(4 in) Around $80
(Amazon, eBay)

plush memory foam mattress.jpeg

Lucid Plush Memory Foam Mattress
(Queen 12 in) Around $350
(Amazon, eBay)

feather duvet.jpeg

Goose Down Feather
Duvet (Queen) Around $70
(Amazon, eBay)

The Bedroom is where you need to be comfortable the most. Making sure you get sound sleep is a necessity. These Memory Foam Toppers and Mattresses can make sure you do not move or toss and turn (especially with a partner). Adding a Goose Down Feather Duvet can add extra cushion to your Memory Foam Bedding, so you don't have to worry about staying up all night or getting stressed that you cannot get enough comfort to sleep.

Ambient Lighting

spiral lamp.jpeg

LED Spiral Lamps
Around $40
(Amazon, eBay)

salt lamp light bulbs.jpeg

Salt Crystal Light Bulbs Around $15-$30
(Amazon, eBay)

color changin led bulbs.jpeg

Color Changeable LED Light Bulbs
Around $15 
(Amazon, Ebay, Home Depot)

Light has a certain effect on our mood, so why not make it a soothing mood? The LED Spiral Lamps add a touch of style to the room while emitting plenty of light (which are dimmable and have different light types). The Salt Crystal Light Bulbs are a nice touch if you want to control the vibe in the room along with the lighting. Salt Crystals emit a soothing, calm and positive energy since they are crystals. You can put them in any House Lamp or Ceiling Light and enjoy the positive atmosphere! The Color Changeable LED Light bulbs are a nice touch if you are more of the Night Life type or if you like to mix things up. You can choose any color using the remote control to display the color of your choice while being able to use them in any House Lamp or Ceiling Light. You can order these from Amazon, eBay or from Home Depot.

Electric Fireplaces

62_ electric fireplace.jpeg

62" Electric Fireplace
Around $230 (Amazon, eBay)

freestanding electric fireplace.jpeg

Freestanding Electric Fireplace
Around $230 (Amazon, eBay)

electric fireplace insert.jpeg

Electric Fireplace Insert
Around $380 
(Amazon, eBay)

With Global Warming going on, it is a good idea to look for alternatives to carbon emissions. One solution is having an Electric Fireplace. These are affordable and can still give you a nostalgic and cozy feeling along with heating your living space. They don't consume a lot of electricity since they run off a light bulb and the infrared heater can automatically shut off if it gets too hot or runs for too long for safety reasons. You don't have to clean your chimney or buy propane or wood to keep it running. If you have Solar Panels on your home, then you are good to go! These also go great in any room! You can order these from Amazon, eBay, Home Depot or over the Internet.


bean bag 6ft.jpeg

4ft-6ft Bean Bag
Around $70-$120
(Amazon, Walmart)

sleeper sofa with storage.jpeg

Sleeper Sofa With Storage
Around $500-$700
(Amazon, Amerlife, Internet)

5 piece bistro bar set.jpeg

5 Piece Bistro Bar Set around $250 (Amazon / Walmart / Ebay)

round coffee table.jpeg

Round Coffee Table
Around $160
(Amazon, eBay, Bed Bath & Beyond)

coffe bar.jpeg

Coffee Bar around $50-$120 (Amazon / Walmart)

Furniture is key to a comfortable living space. You need something that can accommodate you and your guests without compromising how much room you actually have. Getting a Bean Bag can serve as a chair, sofa or bed. It is also unique and can add personality to the room. A Sleeper Sofa with Storage is perfect for movie nights, fires or just getting comfortable reading a book. It can also serve as an extra bed for your traveling guests. A Coffee Bar can be a great asset for use of space and storage in the kitchen or living room. Having a unique 5 Piece Bistro Bar, you can enjoy your breakfast, lunch or dinner in the kitchen, patio or any small space which is a great asset to have if you need to conserve room or need an extra place to eat. Having a Round Coffee Table is convenient for its placement in the room, no matter where you have it, it is easy to place furniture around it to gather for Coffee or Tea. You can order these on Amazon, Bed Bath & Beyond or over the Internet.


video projector.jpeg

1080p Video Projector
Around $45-$1,150
(Amazon, eBay, Best Buy, Internet)

bluetooth tower speaker.jpeg

Bluetooth Tower Speaker
Around $100
(Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Internet)

oscillating tower fan.jpeg

Oscillating Tower Fan
Around $40-$70
(Amazon, eBay, Home Depot, Internet)

Entertainment is good for Social Gatherings and also for the fun and relaxing times so getting the right electronics will serve a good purpose. A 1080p Video Projector comes in handy for those movie nights or video game sessions on a screen over 100". I recommend getting a 1080p projector since the 4k will only be clear if it is closer to the display screen, otherwise it shows 1080p anyways. You can also get a Projector Screen for around $70-$100 if you need it, but you can easily display it on a White Wall. Having the right Audio for your Music or Videos can be justified with a Bluetooth Tower Speaker. You can play it loud or soft using any format (USB, Bluetooth, AVC, TF Card) so you never run out of options for all of your media formats. Having an Oscillating Tower Fan can keep the Air Flow in the room circulating and can even ionize your air quality, plus they conserve space. You can order these electronics from Amazon, eBay, Home Depot or over the Internet. Below is a link with some information on how to pick the right Video Projector if you want to play 4k or Video Games on it.



air fryer.jpeg

Fry foods the healthy way without the grease with an easy clean up
Air Fryer around $60 (Amazon / Walmart)

pizza maker.jpeg

Make your own Pizzas and cook them the right way with a Presto Pizza Maker
Presto Pizza Maker around $60 (Amazon / Walmart)

panini press.jpeg

Get creative with Sandwiches, Paninis, Hamburgers and other Grilled Breads
Panini Press Grill around $30 (Amazon / Walmart)

flat top skillet countertop.jpeg

Make delicious breakfasts with a Flat Top Griddle that is easy to clean and put away
Countertop Flat Top Griddle around $50 (Amazon / Walmart)

bread machine.jpeg

Save money by making your own Fresh Bread or Pizza Dough with a Bread Machine
Bread Machine around $70 (Amazon / Walmart)

slow cooker.jpeg

Create your own Soups or Pastas with a Slow Cooker
Slow Cooker around $25 (Amazon / Walmart)

hot air popcorn machine.jpeg

Enjoy fresh Popcorn without the carcinogens or oil with a Hot Air Popcorn Maker
Hot Air Pop Corn Maker around $25 (Amazon / Walmart)

sushi making kit.jpeg

Get creative with Sushi by using a Sushi Making Kit
Sushi Making Kit around $20 (Amazon / Walmart)

veggie spaghetti maker.jpeg

Cut down on Carbs and eat Veggie Spaghetti!
Veggie Spaghetti Slicer around $20 (Amazon / Walmart)

ninja blender.jpeg

Make nutritious Smoothies or other Beverages with a Ninja Blender
Ninja Blender around $80 (Amazon / Walmart)

pressure cooker.jpeg

Save time with your meals by using a Pressure Cooker
Pressure Cooker around $80 (Amazon / Walmart)

seltzer machine.jpeg

Get creative with your beverages and avoid drinking sodas, instead drink seltzer!
Seltzer Maker around $60 (Amazon / Walmart)

chef knife set.jpeg

Use the right Knife with a Chef Knife Set
Chef Knife Set around $90 (Amazon / Walmart)

salad spinner.jpeg

Always have clean washed delicious Salads with a Salad Spinner
Salad Spinner around $15 (Amazon / Walmart)

coffee maker karaffe.jpeg

Always have readymade hot coffee with a Carafe Coffee Maker
Carafe Coffee Maker around $80 (Amazon / Walmart)

The Kitchen is the sanctuary for your livelihood, it is where you cook and enjoy meals so you can live and prosper. Having high quality cooking assets will allow you to save money and to be as creative as you want when it comes to your meal planning and dining enjoyment. 


ventless washer and dryer.jpeg

Go Ventless if you need to do your laundry
Ventless Washer & Dryer around $1,400 (Home Depot / Lowes)

8cu ft refrigerator.jpeg

Conserve space or use for extra storage
8Cu. Ft Refrigerator around $630 (Target / Home Depot / Lowes / Walmart)

800 watt solar panel kit.jpeg

Take care of your power supply with a 800 Watt Solar Panel Kit
800 Watt Solar Panel Kit $250-$1,300 (Amazon / Internet)

portable washer and dryer.jpeg

Do your laundry and save money wherever you are!
Portable Washer & Dryer around $100 (Home Depot / Lowes / Amazon)

wall mounted air conditioner.jpeg

Get year round air conditioning and electric heating in any room
Wall Mounted Air Conditioner & Heat Pump around $425 (Home Depot / Lowes / Amazon)

vertical wind turbine.jpeg

Take advantage of the weather when it's not sunny and get Wind Turbines
Vertical Wind Turbine around $435 (Amazon / Internet)

The key to having abundance is making room for it, so saving money and space will give you more room for better assets. With these Micro Appliances, you can have them in smaller spaces or even make more room by having them in larger areas, either way they will save you money, contribute to your comfort and also make room for abundance.


sonicare toothbrush.jpeg

Always get a guaranteed cleaning with a Sonicare Vibrating Toothbrush!
Sonicare Electric Vibrating Toothbrush around $80 (Amazon / Target / Walmart) 

water pik.jpeg

Cut down on waste with a WaterPik Water Flosser
WaterPik Water Flosser around $60 (Amazon / Target / Walmart) 

plush bat towels.jpeg

Have a luxurious experience after your shower or bath with a Plush Bath Towel Set
Plush Bath Towel Set around $20 (Target / JCPenney / Kohls / Bed Bath & Beyond) 

body dryer.jpeg

Cut down on your laundry and get a fuller drying experience with a Full Body Dryer
Body Dryer around $220 (Amazon / Target / Walmart) 

bidet seat kit.jpeg

Always stay clean with a Bidet Seat
Bidet Seat Attachment around $40 (Amazon / Target / Walmart) 

hair clipping kit.jpeg

Get creative with your style and save money with a Hair Clipper Kit
Hair Clipper Kit around $30-$70 (Amazon / Target / Walmart) 

bidet handle kit.jpeg

Stay clean with a Bidet Handle
Bidet Handle Attachment around $35 (Amazon / Target / Walmart) 

hand sanitizer with moisturizer.jpeg

Always stay clean, sanitized and moisturized after you use the Bathroom! Moisturizer Hand Sanitizer around $5 (CVS / Amazon / Target / Walmart) 

The Bathroom is the place where you cleanse yourself, so staying clean is important. Taking care of your hygiene can improve your mood, looks, relationships and attraction of opportunity. With these assets you can save time, money and effort to keep your hygiene up to high standards. 

Men's Fashion


mens dress shirt.jpeg

Button Down Dress Shirt around $30 (JCPenney / Kohls / Macys / Internet)

mens v neck shirts.jpeg

V Neck T Shirt around $30 (JCPenney / Kohls / Macys / Internet)

mens polo shirt.jpeg

Polo Shirt around $30 (JCPenney / Kohls / Macys / Internet)

mens long sleeve v neck.jpeg

Long Sleeve V Neck T Shirt around $30 (JCPenney / Kohls / Macys / Internet)

mens waistcoat vest.jpeg

Waistcoat Vest around $30 (JCPenney / Kohls / Macys / Internet)

mens moisture wicking shirts.jpeg

Moisture Wicking T Shirt around $30 (JCPenney / Kohls / Macys / Internet)

Shirts need to be something you can wear casually, formally or both. These shirts have a classic look to them and have been passed down from several generations, they go good with almost any outfit and still hold high value.

Pants / Shorts / Track Suits

mens dockers pants.jpeg

Dockers Pants around $30 (JCPenney / Kohls / Macys / Internet)

mens khaki shorts.jpeg

Khaki Shorts around $30 (JCPenney / Kohls / Macys / Internet)

mens velour tracksuit.jpeg

Velour Track Suit around $35-$60 (Amazon / Kingsize / Internet)

mens jeans.jpeg

Denim Jeans around $30 (JCPenney / Kohls / Macys / Internet)

mens plaid shorts.jpeg

Plaid Shorts around $30 (JCPenney / Kohls / Macys / Internet)

mens adidas track suit.jpeg

Nike / Adidas Tracksuit around $50 (Amazon / JCPenney / Kohls / Macys / Internet)

Classic Dockers and Khakis go good with just about anything formal or casual. Plaid goes good with different colors, or if you want to wear a Tracksuit or Velour you can change things up if you want to catch some attention, workout or just relax in style. Jeans are a classic fit with just about anything casual.


mens driving loafers.jpeg

Driving Loafers around $30-$50 (Amazon / JCPenney / Kohls / Macys / Internet)

mens mule loafers.jpeg

Mule Loafers around $30-$70 (Amazon / ASOS / JCPenney / Kohls / Macys / Internet)

mens clarks mocassin toe shoes.jpeg

Clarks / Mocassin Toe Shoes around $30-$80 (Amazon / JCPenney / Kohls / Macys / Zappos / Internet)

mens oxford shoes.jpeg

Oxford Shoes around $30-$50 (Amazon / JCPenney / Kohls / Macys / Internet)

mens nautica slip ons.jpeg

Nautica Slip On Running Shoes around $30-$60 (Amazon / JCPenney / Kohls / Macys / Internet)

mens nautica sneakers.jpeg

Nautica Walking Shoes around $30-$60 (Amazon / JCPenney / Kohls / Macys / Internet)

mens adidas slides.jpeg

Adidas Slides Sandals around $30-$50 (Amazon / JCPenney / Kohls / Macys / Internet)

Shoes should always look good and feel good because comfort is more than convenience, it's your attitude. Shoes should bring out your personality and allow you to express yourself in a sophisticated manner. These shoes are high value with plenty of original styling that guarantee satisfaction and comfort, plus you can wear them with just about anything.

Coats & Jackets

mens blazer.jpeg

Blazer Sports Jacket around $60-$80 (JCPenney / Kohls / Macys / Internet)

mens pea coat.jpeg

Wool Pea Coat around $60-$80 (JCPenney / Kohls / Macys / Internet)

mens faux fur coat.jpeg

Faux Fur Jacket around $60-$80 (Amazon / eBay / Internet)

Blazers are classic jackets worn casually and formally, they go good with anything you wear if you want to add some extra class to your outfit. They won't keep you warm in the winter though, unlike Coats. The best coats that keep you warm are wool and fur, but we aren't going to kill any animals so faux fur will have to work. These Jackets and Coats have timeless style to them and have been passed down from several generations, let's keep it going!


mens straw fedora hat.jpeg

Straw Fedora Hat around $50-$100 (Goorin Bros / Village Hat Shop / Amazon / eBay / Internet)

derby hat.jpeg

Wool Derby Hats around $30-$50 (Goorin Bros / Village Hat Shop / Amazon / eBay / Internet)

mens gatsby hats.jpeg

Gatsby Hat around $20-$40 (Goorin Bros / Village Hat Shop / Amazon / eBay / Internet)

mens herringbone hat.jpeg

Newsboy Herringbone Hat around $10-$40 (Goorin Bros / Village Hat Shop / Amazon / eBay / Internet)

Hats are now a thing of the past, so why not wear a hat that has been around since the past? These hats are definitely classics and can be worn in any season with just about any outfit that you put together. Add some Sunglasses and you will be vibing with just about anyone in your path! 


mens round color glasses.jpeg

Round Colored Sunglasses around $10-$60 (EyeBuyDirect / GlassesUSA / Amazon / eBay / Internet)

mens large round glasses.jpeg

Large Round Colored Sunglasses around $30-$80 (EyeBuyDirect / GlassesUSA / Amazon / eBay / Internet)

mens large square glasses.jpeg

Large Square Colored Sunglasses around $30-$80 (EyeBuyDirect / GlassesUSA / Amazon / eBay / Internet)

Whether you wear prescription glasses or not, Colored Sunglasses are something that can change your perspective and mood, not just because of the style that they provide but for the different colors that you see when you wear them. They can change your whole perspective depending on what you are doing that particular day. It can make your day brighter, cooler, darker, exciting, mellow or just more interesting.


mens leather gloves.jpeg

Faux Leather Gloves around $20-$40 (Amazon / eBay / Internet)

mens push wallet.jpeg

Push Wallet around $20-$40 (Amazon / eBay / Internet)

mens suede gloves.jpeg

Faux Suede Gloves around $20-$40 (Amazon / eBay / Internet)

mens walking canes.jpeg

Walking Canes around $30-$80 (Amazon / eBay / Internet)

These accessories are meant to bring style, comfort and convenience right when you need it. The Faux Gloves are a nice Vegan touch that will bring you warmth and not harm any living organism. The Push Wallet will keep your money and credit cards organized in a small size so it doesn't get in the way of your smart phone or keys. The Walking Canes are nice to have when you are enjoying a walk in the park or if you need the extra stability. Walking Canes can improve your posture and alignment when you use them, plus they add an extra touch of class and sophistication.

Women's Fashion

Shirts & Blouses

womens button down blouse.jpeg

Casual Button Down Blouse around $20-$30 (Macys / JCPenney / Kohls / Internet)

womens button down dress shirt.jpeg

Button Down Dress Shirt around $20-$30 (Macys / JCPenney / Kohls / Internet)

womens v neck blouse.jpeg

V Neck Blouse around $20-$30 (Macys / JCPenney / Kohls / Internet)

womens chiffon blouse shirt.jpeg

Casual Dress Chiffon Blouse around $20-$30 (Macys / JCPenney / Kohls / Internet)

Women's clothes are elegant and classy and they should be comfortable as well as stylish. These Shirts and Blouses are traditional, casual and dressy and can be worn with almost anything.

Dresses & Skirts

womens v neck sun dress.jpeg

Casual V Neck Sun Dress around $30-$40 (Macys / JCPenney / Kohls / Internet)

womens midi skirt.jpeg

Midi Skirt around $30 (Macys / JCPenney / Kohls / Internet)

womens work dress.jpeg

Casual V Neck Work Dress around $30-$40 (Macys / JCPenney / Kohls / Internet)

womens maxi skirt.jpeg

Maxi Skirt around $30 (Macys / JCPenney / Kohls / Internet)

These Dresses and Skirts show a lot of class and sophistication as well as having a down to earth casual style to them. These can be worn to work, dinners or out and about, definitely on a warm and sunny day!

Pants / Shorts / Track Suits

womens plaid pants.jpeg

Plaid Dress Pants around $30 (Macys / JCPenney / Kohls / Internet)

womens dress yoga pants.jpeg

Yoga Dress Pants around $20-$30 (Macys / JCPenney / Kohls / Internet)

womens ankle pants.jpeg

Ankle Dress Pants around $30 (Macys / JCPenney / Kohls / Internet)

womens linen pants.jpeg

Linen Pants around $30 (Macys / JCPenney / Kohls / Internet)

womens khaki shorts.jpeg

Khaki Shorts around $30 (Macys / JCPenney / Kohls / Internet)

womens velour tracksuit.jpeg

Velour Track Suit around $30-$60 (Amazon / Macys / JCPenney / Kohls / Internet)

These Pants, Shorts and Track Suits show class and comfort wherever you go. They can be worn formally or casually or both. These can go with almost any outfit you want to throw together.

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