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Bloom by Jonathan M. Bernard

Antagonized, finalized, realized that I am divine

Sublime, unwinded, living in a raptured mind

Battle cries, its coming true in time,

I bloom through fights

My fly soars through the highest biases headed toward my acts of kindness

All I need is my mind

My power

Base it on principles, values get discriminated in the hates degeneration

Litter in the streets of danger

So I bloom

Between me and you I stand aside,

Let you through,

Inside my cocoon, I’m more than you’d ever think I’m capable to pursue or be

There’s two I’s in giving, no "U" in take,

Forgiving keeps, love reaches, all these make and create

Ever consider your existence without fear?

In detail, keep your love dear and tell me how you feel then

Soul’s match in an unending spectacle

Unraveled in a fixed retrospect

At death comes birth, you gotta find love first

Underneath the disguises in this world,

Stay true to yours


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