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Welcome to Infinit Creations!

Welcome to Infinit Creations where people come to get inspiration by Jon Be Infinit Beats (Jonathan M Bernard) I am here to Transform the World through Inspiration! Please take a look around at all of the Royalty Free Art, Music, eBooks, Social & Business Networking Websites, Blog, Jon Be TV, Life Coaching, Transformational Courses, Paid Promotion Program, The Micro Millionaire Lifestyle, Services and more!

Listen to Jon Be Radio 24/7 Livestream!

Listen to my music on Jon Be Radio 24/7 Livestream! Go to the "Jon Be Radio" page for more information!


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Sign up for the Newsletter to receive News, Advice, Opportunities, New Ideas and to Network! Get a free eBook when you sign up! Go to the "Newsletter" page for more information! I'll see you there! 


The Micro Millionaire Lifestyle

Live The Micro Millionaire Lifestyle! "Live like a Millionaire without spending Millions of Dollars!" Check it out at "The Lifestyle" page! Also join the Micro Millionaire Forum to stay informed and connected with other Micro Millionaires!

Life Coaching & Free Transformational Courses

Check out the free Transformational Life Coaching Courses where you can get specific results with my Transformational Courses! You can also apply to hire me as your VIP Life Coach! Go to the "Life Coaching" or "Life Courses" pages for more information!


Royalty Free Instrumentals

Download Royalty Instrumentals for your next Mixtape or Album and Earn Free Royalties! Go to the "Instrumentals" page for more information!


Free eBooks

Check out all of my eBooks! I write different genres like Body Mind Soul / Self Improvement / Addictions / Abuse Recovery / Mental Health / Vegetarian Cooking / Relationships / Psychology / Metaphysical / Philosophy / Entrepreneurship and more!


Watch "The Micro Millionaire Lifestyle" YouTube Channel

Watch all of the Podcasts / Music Videos, Albums & Performances / Short Films / Comedy Stand Up & Skits / Reality Shows and Vegetarian Cooking Shows on "The Micro Millionaire Lifestyle" YouTube Channel! Don't forget to Like, Share and Subscribe! Thanks for watching!


Join the Social & Business Network!

Join my movement and check out the Social & Business Network to make some extra money, advertise and promote your business, socialize, network, have new social experiences and create opportunities! Go to the "Network" page to get started. Get a free eBook when you sign up! It's all 100% free!


Royalty Free Art Gallery

Check out all of my Royalty Free Digital Art in the Art Gallery and Earn Free Royalties!


Read The Blog

Be sure to check out the Blog where I document my life process on growing spiritually, expanding consciousness, improving well being, finding solutions to advance civilization and creating wealth and abundance!


Gifts, Favors, Donations and Tips!

​​If you would like to help support me and my work, I do accept Gifts, Favors, Donations and Tips! Please contact me if you wish to contribute, Thank you!

Please read the "Terms of Agreement" and "Privacy Policy" by clicking the link below, Thank You!

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