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Hello and Welcome! Please take a look around and join the community. 

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You can listen to my music on your favorite music streaming platform. You can go to the "Music" page to listen for free! Thanks for listening!

Live VR Events

Don't miss out on the Live VR Events hosted in Engage VR! Attend Live Music and Film Premieres, Stand Up Comedy Shows, Hang Out Parties and Discussion Seminars. Go to the "Live VR Events" page for more information!


Go to the "eBooks" page to purchase my literature through Amazon Kindle!

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Check out all the Music Videos, Comedy Skits, Vegetarian Cooking Shows, Podcasts, Animations and Short Films! Don't forget to Like, Share, Comment and Subscribe! Thanks for watching!

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Check out the Social / Business Networks where you can make money, create new experiences, and make social connections. Go to the "Social / Business Networks" page!


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Get to know me and my history by reading my Blog. Feel free to contact me and share your thoughts.

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Check out the "Fan Forum" where you can stay informed with News, Releases, Feedback, Interviews and more!


Want something to show? Check out the "Merchandise" page!

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Be sure to view the Art Gallery and check out my Paintings, Sketches, Vegetarian Food, Cover Art, Car Concepts and Photography!


Check out the "Poetry" page to read some of my lyrics / poems.

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Be sure to use the Mobile Version on your Smartphone!


Do you want me to work for you? I specialize in Video Production, Photography, Music Production, Creative Writing, Graphic Design, Advertisement Copywriting, Fashion Design, Empath Readings, Spiritual Guidance and Creative Consultation. Please feel free to contact me, you can go to the "Services" page or click on the link below then fill out a contact form, Thank you!

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to Contact me at or you can fill out the form in the "Contact" link below

Please read the "Terms of Agreement" and "Privacy Policy" by clicking the link below, Thank You!

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