Live VR Events

Join me in AltspaceVR to attend Live Premieres, Stand Up Comedy Shows, Hang Out Parties and Discussion Seminars! It's a great way for us to hang out and have some fun in real time. 

If you have an Oculus account my username is ChillerThrillz247 go ahead and send a friend request so I can add you to the events. All of the events are held in AltSpaceVR. My username is JonBeInfinitBeats (Jonathan M Bernard) go ahead and send me a request so you won't miss out on any events! Thanks for showing up! I'll see you there!

All Events will be scheduled through Oculus or through AltSpaceVR. Please join the event before it starts. You will receive a notification letting you know when the event will start. Please be sure to send me a friend request so I have your contact information.