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Infinit Creations Promotion Program

Help spread the word and promote my business / products / content and receive either cash, rewards, or commissions for your effort! Please fill out the application below to start!

Rewards & Commissions Included Are:
Free eBook for every 5 new Subscriptions (Websites / YouTube Channel / Newsletter)
20% of every Jon Be Radio Subscription
20% of every Network Donation
20% of every Infinit Style Purchase
$1 for every Digital Art Download
20% of every Infinit Beats Non-Exclusive Instrumental Purchase
Free eBook for every new Promotion Program Member
If there is anything I can do or help you with in exchange for your effort

Businesses / Products / Content to Promote are:

Promote Social / Business Network Websites

Promote Infinit Style Products

Promote Infinit Creations YouTube Channel

Promote Infinit Creations Newsletter

Promote Jonathan M Bernard Digital Art

Promote Infinit Beats Non-Exclusive Instrumentals

Promote Jon Be Radio

Promote Network Donations

Rules / Guidelines:

You get paid commission every time a Customer that you referred buys something, even when they are returning customers.

Keep track of your referrals and what they have purchased so you can get paid for your commission.

For more information please read the FAQ's below.

I pay cash with either PayPal or Venmo

If you are interested in joining the Promotion Program, please fill out the application below!

Apply Here

Thanks for applying!
I’ll get back to you soon.

If you have any questions or need to contact me, please click the link below!

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