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Jonathan M Bernard - What Love Is? (Free eBook Download)


What Love is and what does it mean?


What is love?
What does love do?

Why love anything?

How do you love?

Life or love?
Does love last?
Is love real?
Can everyone love?

Is love a choice?


"Love is a choice you make to create and improve your life experiences. Love is the energy of life, you can always choose what you want, that is the only way you can learn for yourself. Choosing things that can help you grow will give you confidence and fulfillment. Choosing things that are distracting and superficial won't give you much positive experiences because they are choices of escapes based off of fears and denials. Making choices based on your own awareness and familiarities can give you better stability rather than acting off something you aren't."


Jonathan M Bernard - What Love Is? (Free eBook Download)

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