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Jonathan M Bernard - Way Out (Free eBook Download)


How to heal and recover from trauma



Burdens of Abuse

Getting Away


Stresses of Loneliness
Being You
Troubleshooting (Action Planning)

Boredom Relief

The Process of Time

Getting Comfortable

Natural Remedies




"Getting away from abuse takes discipline and hard work because abusers are deep about their insecurity and reasons for mistreatment that it is bigger than them. Even though abuse makes someone small, at least you can recognize their size and grow bigger than them. Growing spiritually and mentally if you cannot get away physically can give you compensation. People who abuse don’t know how to stop, so getting deeper in their abuse seems acceptable to them. Abusers are everywhere, almost 1 out of every 3 is an abusive person. They hide behind likable traits and acceptable behavior to lure their victims into believing them. Knowing signs of abuse takes experience but if you feel something being pressured or hurried, it is most likely a sign of someones abusive intentions to control you."


Jonathan M Bernard - Way Out (Free eBook Download)

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