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Jonathan M Bernard - Theories On Creation (Free eBook Download)


A description on how life created itself




Free Will

Birth and Death




"Consciousness is in everything, there is nothing that exists without consciousness. Consciousness creates consciousness and matter in higher dimensions, so everything that exists originates from consciousness. Spirits create themselves through the substance of consciousness. The energy in the conscious dimension allows Spirits to form and create themselves through the energetic creativity of conscious substance, harnessing and giving conscious energy for new spirits to be created. There is no such thing as something non- conscious unless it hasn't been self realized or created, the reason for this is because consciousness creates consciousness which then creates an existential paradigm for new creations to be born or created through consciousness. Before any matter there was only consciousness, this is how the universe was created, through a process of conscious evolution."


Jonathan M Bernard - Theories On Creation (Free eBook Download)

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