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Jonathan M Bernard - Theories Of Origin (Free eBook Download)


A Collection of Theories on our Originality



The Spirit Theory - Determining your life path as a spirit

The Body Theory - What being in a body teaches you

The Experience Theory - What experience is and how it is used

The Paradox Theory - How Life is not that much different than Death The Process Theory - How things need time to grow through a process

The Evolution Theory - What evolution does

The Creation Theory - How things can create themselves

The Substance Theory - How Life originates from substance (DNA) The Existence Theory - Why Life has to survive to exist

The Nature Theory - How nature is the force of one's existence

The Balance Theory - How balance works

The Growth Theory - Why things grow

The Energy Theory - Why energy exists

The Karma Theory - How Life returns and cycles

The Singular Theory - How nothing is identical


"Experience is the growing process from living. Experience is what makes you learn and become what you are looking for. Experience is used to obtain the substance of existence you are seeking to become or know. Without experience you are just an idea. Experience lets you grow from one state to another, so when you experience something, you grow into it. Experience is special because it defines who you are and what you can do (or what you have done). That's why spirits live in bodies, so they can go through a real life experience rather than remain as a thought or idea. Going through an actual experience gives you the actual life you want."


Jonathan M Bernard - Theories Of Origin (Free eBook Download)

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