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Jonathan M Bernard - The Psychological Race (Free eBook Download)


A book on the psychology of the human race and what our differences mean



Supportive Structures

Empathetic Influences

The Purpose of Differences

Identifying With Intelligence

Formation of Perspectives

Similar Cultural Attributes

Individual Importance

The Macrocosm of Humanity

Separation of Interests

Integration of Collective


"Humanity has different cultures and different perspectives, however having differences does not need to make us exclude each other. When people come together for the things they love about one another they can celebrate their differences. Instead of living in a microcosm where people are subjected to believing in only their way of life, humanity should see the bigger macrocosm where all humanity and life is vital to each other. The more people believe in a microcosm the more they hold each other back from evolving as a species."


Jonathan M Bernard - The Psychological Race (Free eBook Download)

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