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Jonathan M Bernard - The New Luxury (Free eBook Download)


A series of 15 ways that can improve your life experience



15 ways to fuel creativity

15 ways to get what you want

15 ways to get things done

15 ways to become better

15 ways to improve society

15 reasons to not be cheap

15 ways to improve yourself

15 reasons to be original

15 reasons to be social

15 ways to control your fate

15 things you should DIY

15 ways to lose distractions

15 ways to save time

15 ways to build your wealth

15 ways to relax

15 ways to be happy

15 things that support you

15 reasons to enjoy nature

15 reasons to not use your smartphone

15 ways to know yourself

15 ways to organize your life

15 reasons to stay single

15 ways to live your dream

15 ways to improve your relationships


15 ways to fuel creativity

- Develop your skills
- Build your life around your thoughts
- Get new experiences
- Invest in yourself
- Work with what you have and grow with it - Make time an asset
- Research and study what you are into
- Be original
- Observe and listen
- Understand your learning process
- Pay attention to yourself
- Eat good and exercise
- Retain useful information
- Schedule and have structure in your life
- Channel your successes and outlets


Jonathan M Bernard - The New Luxury (Free eBook Download)

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