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Jonathan M Bernard - Spiritual Wealth (Free eBook Download)


Valuable lessons and advice on how to obtain Spiritual Wealth



Finding Your Own Thing

Becoming You
Making A Lifestyle

Finding Your Humor

What To Want

Life Plans And Processes

Simplifying Your Priorities

Destroying And Creating

Being Original

Knowing Your Limits

Your Do’s And Don’ts

Staying Healthy

Teaching Yourself

Having A Mind State

Maintaining Structure

Expression And Choices

Getting Better

Identity And Purpose

Self Evolution

Positivity And Negativity

Balance Of The Universe

Achieving Freedom


"Everything has an origin, no matter what something or someone does it can always be traced back to its origin. As soon as something happens that is its state of origin. Originality is like nature’s default, it is the nature of something’s existence. Anything you make or are made of can be identified as your originality. Focusing on your origin can improve your identity because it is what you are made of. You can’t lose origination even if you distract yourself, nature will win. People share similar traits if they share the same origin, but they are completely different individuals with different selfs. Everyone and everything has its own original style. If you like something or someone for their originality, you might have some origin with that particular style. Depending on how many different origins you have in common with something might make you very influential amongst all the different origins."



Jonathan M Bernard - Spiritual Wealth (Free eBook Download)

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