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Jonathan M Bernard - Properties Of Metaphysics (Free eBook Download)


Physics of the Nonphysical


Introduction to the Nonphysical

Spirits and Physicality

Energy Properties
Nature of Metaphysics
Signs of Communication

Boundaries and Limits
Infinity and Time


"Nonphysical properties are the structures of the nonphysical. That means that anything that is nonphysical is going to be of the same nonphysical property. Just as elements have atomic properties, the nonphysical has energetic properties. Nonphysical properties are consisted of energy found in physical structures. Nonphysical energy can move in and out of physical structures. In order for a nonphysical energy to be nonphysical, it must leave its physical structure. The purpose of being in a physical structure is to obtain its properties. Just as there are physics for physical properties, there are physics for nonphysical properties. There are boundaries that physical properties can and cannot do, for example, a physical structure cannot do what its nonphysical property can do."


Jonathan M Bernard - Properties Of Metaphysics (Free eBook Download)

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