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Jonathan M Bernard - Perspectives on Time (Free eBook Download)


A collection of different perspectives on time






The Relative Time Spectrums (Eternal / Internal / External) Consciousness





"Time and physicality are two opposites because not all time is measured the same for different physics. Depending on the physical limitations and mechanics of that physicality, time will play a different role in measurement. Physical structures take up space, but time does not take up space, time exists without space, so the only way to know time for something physical is through its spacial existence or by its lifespan. Physical objects form into other physical objects when they bind or die, however they still keep their physical properties due to their physics or natural state of matter. Time exists without space because time does not have a physical property, time in the physical is a measurement of a physical object set to a direction or path. Time is only a measurement of space in the physical."


Jonathan M Bernard - Perspectives on Time (Free eBook Download)

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