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Jonathan M Bernard - New Rules (Free eBook Download)


A Book on how to integrate a supportive economy and government into the modern world


Economy - Exchange Trade System / Supportive Infrastructure / Natural Solutions

Living Laws - High Quality Standards / Personal Duties / Reprimand Penalties / Community Support

Planetary Laws - Animal Rights / Planet Rights / Pollution Footprint / Fresh Food and Water Education - Alternative Schools / Information Access / Identity Education
Housing - Traveler’s Housing / Community Villages / House Sharing
Health - Free Food and Water Distribution / Available Healthcare


Natural Solutions

"Nature is the best solution for solving problems, coming up with natural solutions which do not harm nature can become very beneficial to a civilization. Things like health, spirituality, lifestyle and medicine can all be nature focused. Instead of polluting yourself or nature you can becomemore natural which can solve a lot of problems. Destructive lifestyles can become healed and their would be no need to hurt or damage anything when you have natural solutions. Solving your problems through nature can reverse the destructive habits of humanity and can create a harmony with the planet and universe."


Jonathan M Bernard - New Rules (Free eBook Download)

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