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Jonathan M Bernard - Loser Life (Free eBook Download)


What losers want and how to deal with them



What A Loser Is

What A Loser Wants

How A Loser Wins

A Loser's World

Knowing A Loser

Can Losers Change?

How To Not Be A Loser


"A loser is someone that refuses to be who they are, they cannot handle their own responsibilities of being a mature individual. Losers are extremely insecure and irrational people, they prey and use people to gain respect from others because they cannot respect themselves. Losers do not love anyone, they are selfish minded and only want what they can't have. Losers are empty people, they spend all of their time trying to fill their emptiness with negativity because that is the only feeling they enjoy. Losers cannot behave or act respectfully, they are too immature to have any type of discipline. Losers don't work for anything, they will use people to get what they want."


Jonathan M Bernard - Loser Life (Free eBook Download)

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