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Jonathan M Bernard - Life Labor (Free eBook Download)


Finding what type of labor is right for your type of life.



Material Labor

Spiritual Labor

Physical Labor

Personal Labor

Expressive Labor

Knowledge Labor

Social Labor

Technological Labor

Artistic Labor

Experimental Labor

Natural Labor

Entertainment Labor

Traveling Labor

Business Labor

Science Labor

Culinary Labor

Therapeutic Labor

Serving Labor

Medicinal Labor

Behavioral Labor

Athletic Labor

Disciplinary Labor

Machinery Labor

Cleaning Labor

Emergency Labor

Governing Labor

Agriculture Labor

Farming Labors


Experimental Labor

"Experimental labors are things that involve experiments with trial and error. If you like to change things to see what else is possible, then Experimental labor is good for you. Refusing to be satisfied with just one result or having the urge to try something different are all characteristics of experimentation."

Experimental labors are:





Study and Research



Problem Solver


Jonathan M Bernard - Life Labor (Free eBook Download)

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