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Jonathan M Bernard - Ink Personal Journals (Free eBook Download)


A collection of Journal entries about life by Jonathan M Bernard (2012)



8.19.2012 “May I see your I.D.?”

8.28.2012 “Do I fit?”

9.8.2012 “Wisdom”

9.15.2012 “My World”

9.23.2012 “Cake”

10.4.2012 “Deprived”

10.10.2012 “The Good, The Bad, And The Struggling”

10.11.2012 “Ten, Eleven, Twelve”

10.12.2012 “Born to Forget”

10.15.2012 “Insecurity Guards”

10.19.2012 “So Dramatic”

11.3.2012 “What to do?”

11.8.2012 “Facing Your Fears”

11.16.2012 “Mind Control”

12.6.2012 “Minefullness”

1.23.2013 “Creepy People”

1.25.2013 “Way of Life”

2.18.2013 “Life Forms”

3.14.2013 “Time”

3.19.2013 “Attention Deficit”

3.20.2013 “The Key”

4.5.2013 “Blob the Builder”

4.11.2013 “How it ought to be”

4.16.2013 “Friends”

5.31.2013 “Imaginarium”


"Everyday there is opportunity, obstacles, and suffering. Without these in my life I don’t know how it could be any different. I live with what I know, and learn by what I seek. Don’t be afraid of idiosyncrasies or the “Real World’s” threats to contain you. Be who you are and build a life of your own with your full potential. Change is always for the better, even if it feels like hell. Experience is the best teacher. Love is the answer."


Jonathan M Bernard - Ink Personal Journals (Free eBook Download)

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