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Jonathan M Bernard - How to Be An Adult (Free eBook Download)


A Book on how an adult should behave




Self Management

Family Care

Being Professional

Adult Responsibilities

Grown Behavior


"Entering adulthood is when you develop into a grown person. You start changing physically and mentally, your interests mature and your mind develops more awareness from experience. Transitioning from adolescence into your early stages of adulthood can be confusing if you do not know what being an adult is. Being an adult is just another level of self maturity, it is not just about moving out and getting a job, if you are aware of your own personality and abilities, then you can know what to do with yourself. There are a lot of privileges you can have as an adult, and it is your responsibility to keep them if you want them. Being an adult is more focused on the well being of yourself and others, you start to take care of people and yourself instead of relying on others to take care of you. You develop an independence that ensures your ability to live and let live."


Jonathan M Bernard - How To Be An Adult (Free eBook Download)

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