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Jonathan M Bernard - Diagnostics Handbook (Free eBook Download)


A Handbook to Diagnosing and Solving Problems


Action - Reaction
Applied - Practiced
Cause - Effect
Conditional - Unconditional

Controlled - Separate

Hereditary - Affected

Internal - External
Learned - Innate
Right - Wrong
Systematic - Influenced


"There are two conditions, conditional and unconditional. Conditional is a length of time where something occurs then stops. Unconditional is a non-stop length of time. Conditions are periodic, they happen for a certain amount of time. Unconditional conditions persist, they do not stop. You cannot stop unconditional conditions. Only a conditional condition can be stopped.

Unconditional conditions are things that cannot be manipulated or altered. Conditional conditions are things that can be manipulated or altered. Conditional conditions can affect unconditional conditions by their reality. If a conditional disease affects someone’s health, the reality of that disease affects the perspective of the unconditional reality."


Jonathan M Bernard- Diagnostics Handbook (Free eBook Download)

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