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Jonathan M Bernard - Book On Idiots (Free eBook Download)


An insight to how an Idiot exists



Being an Idiot

Believing an Idiot

Birth of an Idiot

Chain Links

Fun with an Idiot

How to Deal with an Idiot

Idiot Love

Interview with an Idiot

Life without an Idiot

Mindstate of an Idiot

Origin of an Idiot

Teaching an Idiot

What do Idiots want


"Idiots want to be right and to see it. They are always interested in believing themselves through other people. An idiot will experiment with anyone’s space, identity, body, mind, or reality to be right. Idiots don’t give up because they are determined to prove what they know to others. Idiots will make you prove they are right through false identity. All they want is for you to live their way. Idiots aren’t deep, their strength is weakness. They don’t look out for anyone, they all just kind of point and laugh. Anything to distract others from picking on them. Idiots think they are masters of disguise because they mimic and imitate. They know nobody cares about what they do."


Jonathan M Bernard - Book On Idiots (Free eBook Download)

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