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Jonathan M Bernard - Alternatives To College (Free eBook Download)


A small guidebook showing different plans or alternatives instead of going to college




College Funds


The Work World
What to Buy
Assets and Investments

Your Purpose


"I’m not sure of how much money you have stored away for college but I know it can probably buy a house or a car. Those are the two most wanted materials you want to get once you graduate and get a job. What could you do with your college funds if you didn’t use them for college? Well, if you choose to buy a house, you can rent it out or airbnb or sell it later on if you feel like relocating, in the mean time work as an intern or apprentice to a fun educational style job that pays enough to get what you need and use that experience to open your own business or work on up into the field you are interested in. Just don’t party all that money away (Just joking). Think about the possibilities you could have for yourself with your college funds. Getting a certification in any field can pay you pretty good and can give you decent pay. Once you have your house, car, and job you would have a pretty sweet deal (You would have assets!)."


Jonathan M Bernard - Alternatives To College (Free eBook Download)

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