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Promotion Program FAQ's



How do I know when my referrals subscribe or purchase a product?


Let your referrals know that you are part of the Promotion Program and that you will receive commission whenever they subscribe or make a purchase. 

Ask them if they could inform you of their subscription or purchase so you can get commission since you referred them to the Network.

Tell them about the Promotion Program so they can become educated with the Network and also refer them to the opportunity.


How will I get paid my commission?


It is up to you to know what your referrals subscribed to or purchased so you can report it back to me. I will double check all of the transactions to verify whether or not I received a subscription or purchase and if both ends match up I will pay you the commission percentage through either Venmo or PayPal.


How many times will I receive a commission?


As long as you keep track of your referral’s subscriptions or purchases you will receive commission for every purchase made by each of your referrals. So anytime your referral makes a returning purchase you will receive commission for their purchase. 

Think of it as your responsibility to keep records of your referrals and their subscriptions and purchases then report them to me to double check and verify.


What happens if I want to quit or stop getting paid?


You can always contact me and tell me that you wish to opt out then I will no longer keep record of your referrals and transactions for commission.


What kind of information do I need to give you regarding referrals subscriptions and purchases?


You don’t need to give me any names or personal information, all I need to know is the date, price and the product that they purchased to verify the transactions on my end.

For subscriptions to websites you can tell me how many referrals joined and I will check my members list to verify.

For subscriptions to channels you can tell me how many referrals joined and I can compare the numbers with my total amount of subscribers to the channel. It’s kind of an honor system with this one.


What about receiving commission on Network Donations?


All Network Donations are invested into my work for making the network run. If you refer someone to make a contribution to the Network you will get paid commission for your investment in helping the Network grow. 


What if I don’t use Venmo or PayPal?


Sorry, but those are the only two platforms I will use to transfer money safely and securely.

What about referrals that subscribe to more than one channel or website?

That counts as a subscription so you will get credit for each channel or website that they subscribe to.

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